Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back in Bali!

We are staying in kuta area of Bali for a month. A few years ago we visited Indonesia for 5 weeks and the Bali section of our trip was spent mostly in scenic Ubud. This time around we are staying near the surf area so J can learn to surf. We will also take some boat trips out to snorkel. Kuta has a lot of mixed reviews as it is quite busy, crowded and noisy but it's also convenient with countless restaurants and shops, and right near the beach where beginners can learn surfing. This blogger has a nice article on the benefits of kuta beach; Kuta; surf beach for the everyman
We are staying at the new Kayun Hostel. It's convenient and has some good amenities; pool, free wifi, free breakfast, rooms with attached bath, comfy beds, and modern decor.
Just two days in and the food has been terrific. We have had two delicious Lebanese meals. The picture below shows the yummy mezza plate I had for the cost of $3.80 Canadian.

We also ate at the lovely Little Green Cafe. We had a veggie burger (ball shaped) with two salads and cake for dessert.

We attempted to locate another vegetarian restaurant today but that is when we discovered that the address numbers are random and not in order. So we will try again tomorrow knowing which landmark is near it. However we did get a chance to see some pretty rice paddies and cute cows.

We ran into some cranky tourists who were not kind to the locals during the landing procedures. They argued very rudely with the visa on arrival people suggesting that the visa was not required and aggressively demanding their change once they finally paid. A quick Internet search of course would reveal to travelers that a visa is in fact required for most, the cost and they fact that you are supposed to have exact change. I wanted to say something but J reminded me that it would not help the situation. I am reminded of the quote “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. ” ― Wayne W. Dyer. I was still harboring some ill feelings towards these tourists when I had a timely reminder of the importance of metta in a huffington post article; Don't put anyone out of your heart. And then I ran across this graffiti near the beach.

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Debra Curry said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences and your wisdom. I know I cringe when I see rudeness in others too but maybe that is as much about me and what I need to change as them..... your story was a good reminder.

voyagevixen said...

Thanks Debra. I don't think we should ignore things like rudeness but I am trying to be mindful about what might underlie it and how to skillfully intervene, even if that is not intervening at all. I just tried to be extra nice to the visa staff :)

Anonymous said...

when people are rude to cashiers(etc.) i have said something sometimes they will turn down the attitude a bit. although i know it can escalate things. i guess you gotta choice your words and timing pretty carefully. - rus

voyagevixen said...

Rus, if it wasn't in the immigration line I think I would have said something :)