Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You can take the girl out of social work but...

You can't take the social work out of the girl. It's true I actually miss working from time to time. It started with me sleep talking about the Alberta Works online policy manual and financial benefits codes. Poor J.

The next day I went to a local shop to get a sim card for data on my cell phone. After filling out the extensive paperwork which includes a photo, copy of passport, address, occupation, finger prints etc. The shop owner asked me about being a social worker. I explained that I worked for a long time in HIV he excitedly exclaimed that his sister is studying social work and specializing in HIV. We had a good conversation and he asked me for any recommended resources. I restrained myself and only provided one, the comprehensive Catie website. He also asked for my email, which I provided (after all he already has my finger prints), for his sister as he was sure she would like to talk to me. I hope she emails!

Other than that we spent some time wandering several kilometers through central Kathmandu. We visited many small and medium sized temples, looked at shops, lounged in the peaceful Garden of Dreams park and just took in the sights. We also went up to Swayambhunath temple, otherwise known as monkey temple, that overlooks Kathmandu. The temple winds up a large hill and is covered with Buddhas, stupas, and other Buddhist symbols and statues. There are, as the nickname suggests, monkeys. I accidentally scared one and he charged at me and growled. Dodgy little fellas.

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