Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tel Aviv Vegan Food Tour

A big part of our love of travel is exploring the local vegan cuisine and Tel Aviv did not disappoint! There has been a lot of press on the vegan friendliness of Israel such as; Although we had a kitchen in our fabulous Airbnb rental we opted to enjoy the local vegan offerings at the many vegan and vegan friendly establishments.

Our favourite breakfast stop was Seeds, an all vegan bakery. We enjoyed assorted pastries, my favourite being the danishes, along side espresso and even iced coffee.

Our favourite overall restaurant was Buddha Burgers, offering an extensive all vegan menu, complete with amazing desserts. Featured below is a Schnitzel plate and a dreamy slice of strawberry pie.

Other spots we enjoyed included vegan sushi from The Green Roll, frequent meals at the Vegan Shawarma (including vegan Mr Donuts), and The Green Cat vegan pizza joint. We also stopped by a health food store and picked up some vegan cheese slices and snacks. 

We mostly opted to visit all vegetarian/vegan spots while in Tel Aviv but we were told that many average restaurants also have great vegan options. Check out HappyCow Restaurant Guide for the extensive vegan options in Tel Aviv!


Mrs. Sherren said...

Yum yum now I'm hungry

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Beyza yılmaz said...

I love the food in Israel, but I can not find places that turkey . I wish here that a place though ..: - <

Dana said...

This is such a cool post! I'm really impressed with the vegan options you were able to find : )