Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vegan Fest!

We had a lovely stay in Bologna after driving the crazy highways from Venice. We stayed 5 nights in Bologna as our hotel and the city were so nice. Near Bologna, we went to the Lamborghini museum and factory, Ferrari museum and Ducati museum and factory.

We also went to a music museum, medieval museum and the Mambo; modern art museum of Bologna! Great things to see! At the local grocery store we also discovered vegan chocolate hazelnut spread and vegan frozen ice cream cones from the yummy Valsoia company. We made great vegan sandwhiches with ingredients from the healh food chain Natura Si.

Then we headed off to Forte Dei Marmi, a lovely seaside town filled with bicyclists and vacationers. The scenery of sea and low rolling mountains is quite lovely. Plus we are just 8 kms away from the Vegan Fest. We have attended daily! It is full of workshops (in Italian), booths of people selling vegan products, vegan food, animal welfare organizations, movies, art shows etc. I saw a poster of a man holding up his dog and I was using my phone to translate the text. An older lady came up to me and tried to explain the poster. She said the man is a porno actor. I was sure I heard wrong and asked again. She spoke to the other lady in Italian and offered back to me "you know Hot movies." Of course it made the slogan much funnier; "I have seduced and abandoned, but never my pets" or something to that effect if my translate app is correct.

The vegan food is a yummy highlight! So far we have sampled; gelato, crepes, chocolate dipped frozen fruit bars, spring rolls, salads rolls, a noodle dish, a tofu and veggie casserole, and hot dogs.

We also had a fine dining 4 course meal at the temporary restaurant. And my favorite; Vegusto No Moo vegan cheese. It is awesome! We made sandwiches with it and had cheese and crackers.

As well we were able to watch a free viewing of the movie Vegucated. Lucky for us it was in English. Vegucated is a feature-length documentary that follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks.
It is a good introduction to veganism. Check out the trailer here:

VEGUCATED trailer from Marisa Miller Wolfson on Vimeo.
We also randomly met up with the lovely vegan blogger Kristen and her friend Chris. They were both terrific and we had a nice chat. She runs the awesome blog Will Travel for Vegan Food. She even posted a photo of us on her blog

We are soon off to go back to Vegan Fest to try out the pizza. Our next destination in a few days is the Isle of Capri!

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