Monday, December 17, 2007

Packing for Brazil

After many trips we are fortunate to amass most of the essential items. I have learned from many a heavy pack to really pack light when traveling unless it is directly to a resort. For clothing I recommend the following: one pants, 2 shorts, swim suit, 2 pair of socks, 7 underwear, one long sleeve shirt, 4-5 short sleeve shirts, one pair walking shoes, one pair flip flop/sandals, and a hat. Remember where ever you are... everyone has to do laundry so it exists in either a laundromat or by having it done by someone. 

Other items I bring are a good back pack, day purse/hippie bag,  (nothing screams "rob me I am a tourist" like a big ass fanny pack), a microfibre towel if the accommodations are on the cheap side, and a good assortment of over the counter remedies. 

I know what you are thinking... 2 pairs of socks.... really? But I literally live in my Keen Antigua flip flops no matter the terrain unless it is absolutely freezing. They are amazing supportive flip flops (which seems like an oxymoron). See: Keen Flip Flops

Now when we go to northern India which is cold and then all the way south to snorkel I am going to include the super duper light long johns and snorkeling equipment (such a pain to haul but worth it if you are spending a good chunk of time snorkeling. rented stuff is dodgy).

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