Thursday, December 27, 2007

layover in Sao Paulo

We have arrived in Sao Paulo. See: We are in the airport for about 9 hours waiting for our flight to Manaus. Originally we would be flying to Rio first but our flight was changed due to a delay (and it ended up being a good thing saving us a flight). I managed to find an internet cafe at the airport. I am right now assisting a tourist in accessing her email :) good times...

I am super duper tired and looking forward to the brief hotel stay (1 night) we have in Manaus before going to the ecolodge. The flights were fine although they did not have a veg meal so we got 2 salads.

It is very hot here and the cement floor is looking inviting for a nap.Only 5 more hours to wait for our flight.

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jwpettit said...

too bad we didn't get a chance to get together before you left...maybe when you guys get back. hope you have a good trip and say hi to j for me.