Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Amazon Update

Well it has been a fantastic few days. We did so many things! A jungle trek in which we learned about local plants for food and medicine, a snake refuge where they breed and release snakes back to the wild, many many boat trips on the river negro, canoe trip, swimming with the wild pink dolphins, visit to a village and a town, caiman (alligator) spotting and learning to shoot bows and arrows (which gave me a nice burn on the wrist from the string). I have some photos holding the little alligator (they catch them in the river and then let them go) and a picture with the snakes at the refuge. The lodge was lovely and they had terrific food with lots of veg options. The only thing missing was a laundry service and we did not want to trek to the nearest little town to find one. (So later tonight locating a lavanderia/laundry is the #1 priority in Rio).

The weather has been good with sun and warm rain. There have been no major upsets other than some scratches and bug bites. There was a minor set back this morning when the strong Brazil coffee disagreed with me. But I am feeling better and grossly the fish in the river ate all the evidence!

On the way out we took a small float plane, just with us and the pilot, for a 30 minute flight over the river and to Manaus. In Manaus we went to the Amazonian research centre in which the research local flora and fuana. We saw the manatees that are brought in when injured or weak and then are rehabilitated. It was not like a zoo (which i don´t generally like) but more like a preserve. There were some man made lakes with fish, caimans, turtles etc. And running loose all over are these giant guinea pigs!

I am now at the Manaus airport internet cafe and we are off to Rio soon. As luck would have it the first Saturday of the month in Rio has a huge antique fair so I will be there!

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