Monday, January 30, 2012

Leisurely pace

It's been pretty uneventful these last few days. I've discovered I can easily sleep in quite late! We went to an amazing free photography exhibit of the World Press Photo Contest, which showcases amazing and often heart wrenching photo journalism. The exhibit can be viewed online as well. It exposes so many social issues such as this haunting photo of a girl who has birth defects potentially related to agent orange use during the Vietnam war. I was previously unaware of the potential link.Here is another study on the issue Association between Agent Orange and birth defects: systematic review and meta-analysis and a CBC report

We've spent time walking around and looking at the architecture. We went o the Petronas Towers at night to see them lit up. We also found some vegan dark chocolate at the nearby mall grocery store.

We spent some more time at the Guan Yin Temple enjoying a meal and dharma talk. The people were so kind, helping us find a place to sit and a serving of the extra special soup offered that day. A little lizard tried to hop a cab ride with us to the temple. The driver pulled over so J could safely release him.

Tomorrow we take a bus to Melaka where we will stay for five nights at The Hangout Hotel. We are upgrading to a room with private bath. Two weeks with shared bath gets a little tiring. Things have been quite affordable here. A nice bus for two is about $14.00 Canadian to Melaka which is about 120kms from here. We spend around $10.00 Canadian for two restaurant meals with drinks. We could even eat for a lot cheaper but we enjoy supporting the lovely veg restaurants.

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Lara Koljonen said...

This is all so fun to imagine & piece together with your photos...
Enjoy the private bath, as I awaite the next update!

voyagevixen said...

Thanks Lara! More photos on my instagram and J's Flickr