Sunday, February 10, 2008

I have found heaven

...& it is the Kolkata Hyatt Hotel.

We arrived here today after taking a sleeper train that left at 4:30am. The train was quite good with 2 sleeper bunks in a private room, and breakfast for the 7 hour trip to Kolkata.

We decided to have a nice hotel here to celebrate my birthday. The Hyatt is AMAZING! Gorgeous rooms, lovely amenities, pool, spa etc. We plan to stay 3 nights here and then go to the Andaman islands. (We are cutting our Darjleeing as it is proving too time consuming to get to.)

We went for this amazing gourmet Italian lunch that had an antipasto buffett (1/2 vegetarian!), then you are served like 7 different hot dishes in small portions (ours were all veg) and then you top it off with a dessert and cheese buffet. I will be full for a week. The vegetarian options in India are just wonderful. We have each booked 2 hour spa treatments for tommorow night.

Tommorow we plan on spending the day exploring the city. With the change in plans I am now researching sites to visit.

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Barry said...

Looks like heaven. Damn, the hotel looks amazing. Sounds like you're going to have the best b-day ever. Happy birthday by the way.
Things are warming up in Calgary, finally. Barry is still working hard on his proposal. I've been de-cluttering my room. I'm getting rid of so much crap, it feels really good.
Barry and I are watching the grammys tonight, feist and Janet jackson are performing.
Happy traveling
Barry says hi and we both hope the malaria nightmares are getting better.