Monday, February 4, 2008

Poo on the shoe

So the shoe is Jason's and the poo... who knows? We were walking in Delhi (made it here this morning) and Jason ventures into a park and soon spies a shoe shiner coming over and he knew... the old poo on the shoe scam. You see one guy squirts poo on your shoe while his accomplice shortly after points it out and of course comes to your rescue with his poo on the shoe removal kit. And really, what are you going to do? walk around with poo? it is the perfect scam and cost Jason 200 rupees or $5CDN (from 350).

Delhi is crazy busy. Lots of friendly people chatting you up trying to convince you of a tour, shopping, hotel that this is closed or that etc as people get commission if they bring you in. You can't fault them too much as there is a lot of poverty here.

The weather is very nice and not too hot. Our hotel is the 'best one star in Delhi' Cheap and basic. We had a nice dinner there. The BEST naan bread and some good spicy stuff. Not sure what it was but it was good and vegetarian

Anyways we decided to get out of Delhi to relax in Bodhgaya so we booked a flight for tommorow morning to Patna and then we will catch a train.


Barry said...

Good to know about the poo on the shoe scam, who knew poverty stricken people could be so creative. haha. Glad to hear that you made it safely. How was the flight? Any good movies?
It's nice to hear that you're getting some good grub. Love the spice, lucky.
Things are good here. Barry and Gimmy broke up. Gimmy ended up being a complete jerk, poor Barry. He is doing well though, i really admire his strength and ability to move forward. I had a really great date with this guy named John. He's 37years old and an interior designer and no he's not gay. I think i am going to go on a second date with him. I will keep you posted.
Looking forward to your next entry.
Love you

jwpettit said...

who knew poo could be used in such creative ways. i'll have to think about that next time i flush it away...