Tuesday, February 5, 2008

we made it to Bodhgaya

Ah.... It began with a flight from Delhi, then a train ride to Gaya (34 rupees each less than one dollar) and then an autorickshaw (tuk tuk) to Bodhgaya. The train was cramped and very hot. I spent a lot of time chatting with some of the local men. The one was rather surprised at my height and thought it was funny that people stared at me. Our seats were built for 8 but 13 crammed in.

We are just settling in and will soon be looking for food. Tommorow we will start to explore the temples and the giant Buddha. The air is hard to breath here. Our hotel is the high end one for the area but still relatively cheap. we may check out another one tommorow. Our current hotel http://www.sujatahotel.com/

Electricity has been intermitant here :)

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Roseline said...

How's the lulu lemon and ankle showing working for you?? ha-ha!

FYI: election March 3rd :)