Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting Schooled by a Mad Momma Monkey - Ubud, Bali

This morning we went to the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest, filled with wild long tailed macaque monkeys (aka moustache monkeys). We paid the park entrance fee, even though we could just visit the monkeys hanging outside the entrance as well. My previous hypothesis proved correct again; where ever there is tourists and monkeys, there will be someone selling bananas. I bought the obligatory monkey bait, and since I had no bag to hide them in, I was quickly liberated from my bananas. When a squealing pack of monkeys run at you, you give up the goods.

Hungree Monkee by Devil.Bunny.

They are super friendly, a little too friendly in fact. One scaled up the side of Jason and tried to take his umbrella out of his bag pocket. Jason snapped some great shots. He took some amazing pictures of mommy monkeys and their teeny tiny babies. When he was going in for a close shot of one of the babies, his or her mommy came running up and slapped Jason across the forearm. Jason said it was quite gentle but she was letting him know he was too close. The monkeys have hands that look eerily like human hands, right down to the fingernails. We also watched some inventive parenting with a watchful mommy hanging onto the end of her tiny infants tail while he played.
Stay! by Devil.Bunny.

The photos are copied from Jason's photo stream. To see them in higher resolution check out this link:

Other than that it has been a repeat cycle of walking around, eating (mostly at this great super veg friendly place Bali Buddha), pool, reading (almost finished my 4th book) & sleeping. When I am on vacation I feel very in the moment, giving my full attention with out worry of what comes tomorrow. All we have is this one precious moment.

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