Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tuna Roll Deja Vu

For those who don't remember the Great Tuna Roll Incident of 2008, click on the underlined section for a recap. I seriously feared a repeat today. We went snorkeling around Bunaken island after a boat ride from Manado. I can always get out of the boat. The problem is getting back in, which I must say is an act against physics. They did have a ladder this time but of course it did not have enough rungs on it. It had a scant 2 rungs with the bottom one skimming the surface of the ocean. So imagine this, me trying to hoist my legs up to shoulder height and then stand up on the bottom rung. Again, that just goes against physics. I managed to shimmy my knees up to the rung, which resulted in burning calf cramps, and then yank myself into a standing position. I am left with a huge bruise on the left knee but the good news is the obscure dent in the right knee has popped back out. I vow deep knee bends and repeated practice exits from the 2nd rung in the pool ladder before the next snorkeling trip. At least I did not have to be rolled in like a giant tuna.

On the trip we saw a variety of fish with the highlight being a leather back turtle! The coral was not as vibrant as in other trips and was quite damaged. However, we saw a great deal of soft coral which was new for us. My awesome new inflatable snorkel vest worked great, giving me that little bit of buoyancy and feeling of safety. The new shorty flippers were also terrific and such a space saver. Unfortunately either I missed the back strip of my upper legs with sunscreen, or it wore off. So now I will sit on the plane to Bali in the morning with searing bacon butt. We will be heading to Sanur beach area in Bali which looks great. We are taking a little break from the more rustic hotels and going to the Bali Hyatt. I am looking forward to the giant pool and the non-smoking atmosphere. (Did I mention that it seems most men smoke here, and you can smoke pretty much everywhere?)

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KR said...

I had a snorkeling adventure in Mexico - we were on those teeny tiny little speedboats and our tour guide assured me that he could get me back in, which he did, and "giant tuna roll" is a perfect way to describe it.

I tipped him well - he had to work pretty hard to get me back in.