Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Luckiest bird in the world

We took it easy today and basically hung out at the pool. While at the pool a great Aussie woman rescued a little baby bird that plumeted into the pool from an overhanging ledge. She placed him on the edge and he ran soaking wet into the flower bed.

Unfortunately there was a 10 inch Water Monitor Lizard in there who promptly chomped onto the bird. We both started yelling at it and the lizard jumped into the pool and took off. She recaptured the bird and we located a folded up banana leaf bowl and placed the bird in it and then in a tree. I did not hold out much hope.

I stuck around and watched the area for a few hours (hey it's vacation, no agenda!) and the little guy sprang back and jumped down from the tree all dry. His one wing is missing some of the key long flight feathers but he can run really fast. The lizard came back and chased him but the bird out ran him and I came up to guard. (I know a lizard has to eat but he can eat some anonymous creature I don't know). The birds parents showed up and are hanging out with him.

I hope he can recover with the big fall, near drowning, traumatic rescue, and lizard chomping. When I left the Aussie lady was back and delighted to see him alive. I departed and she was keeping an eye on him.

In other news, Jason finally met his goal of being a "nacho nacho man" in Asia with today's lunch of... You guessed it, Nachos! Trust me, from our experience, Mexican food is hard to come by in asian countries.

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