Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last night in Sydney

For new years eve we watched fire works at the harbor. It was super packed and they closed down all the roads leading the the viewing areas.

Yesterday we went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, by far the best museum we have been to in Sydney. We saw some of the amazing Terra Cotta Warriors from China. They were quite life like and included two near full size horses. It is quite an example of artistic skill, ego, as well as cruelty since the artisans were apparently sealed into the tomb with their creations. The museum was vast and included other exhibitions of contemporary art, Indigenous art, historical items etc. I regretted not seeing the terra cotta army while in China so it was great to see some of them at the museum, While at the museum cafe we were entertained by two lorakeet birds that descended upon the table next to us and feasted on a piece of cake. I wish I had ordered cake.

We walked 6.6 kms round trip to get to a vegetarian restaurant, Badde Manors, which was well worth the trek. I also discovered that I apparently do like sherbet which is great news since I've cut out dairy.

Today we just walked around to Hyde Park and the Botanical Gardens, again and watched the cute flying fox bats. We ended the night with dinner at an Indian Restaurant. Tomorrow we fly out to Uluru airport and then drive our rental car to the hotel. I am totally looking forward to seeing a perentie lizard, second largest lizard to the Komodo dragon. I am also stoked to check out the astronomical marvels, interesting critters and plants, and walking around Uluru rock (the indigenous people of they area request that you do not climb it, which I will of course respect. Not to mention climbing in 38+ degrees might kill me). This part of the trip promises to be a science nerd's dream!

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