Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to the beginning

We arrived back in Sydney yesterday, Thursday. The flight from Auckland tired us out and upon arriving in Sydney all we accomplished was getting something to eat and having a nap. While in Auckland we watched a few movies, travelled around the city on the bus, ate at variety of vegetarian restaurants, checked out the interesting cafe/bike/motorcycle shop; Deus Machina, lounged at Parnell Baths Pool, and took a a ferry to Waiheke Island and spent the day in the beach. A highlight of the trip was going to dinner and coffee with a dear friend, Sue and visiting with her awesome family.

I also finished reading a second book; That Bird has my Wings: An Autobiography of an Innocent Man on Death Row. It was an extremely profound and engaging book. It detailed the many life sufferings of the author, Jarvis Masters, and how he eventually ended up on death row. There is an active Free Jarvis campaign fighting for a new trial.

Today we made it to Bondi Beach after figuring out the public bus. Then we walked along the ocean walk way for about 4 kms to get to Clovelly Beach, which is narrow small rocky bay which is supposed to have good snorkeling. I say 'supposed to' because once we got there we discovered both of our snorkeling masks were broken and we were unable to snorkel. The shallow area was jam packed with families and further out was too rough so we decided to not swim either. We walked back along the walkway to another beach, Bronte, where we intended to swim around in the more gentle surf. We were pleased to see that water was not very busy. As we started to make our way into the water we realized why; the shore contained multiple blue bottle jelly fish. We retreated back and found our way to our hotel on the public bus. We figure there must be some cosmic reason that we were not meant to snorkel on this trip.

Tonight we plan on spotting possums in the park, and walking down to this terrific vegetarian restaurant: Yulli's Bar. Tomorrow we head home!

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jodisallaboutjodi said...

No snorkelling? Booooo. But I guess it's a insignificant thing, particularly relative to some of the tragedy you've seen on the trip. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to a) you being home and b) jason's pics xooxoxox See you soon!

jodisallaboutjodi said...

*an insignificant

Anonymous said...

Sound like your adventure is much different from ours. We have had dry sunny days so far.

Rod and Brenda