Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Waiting out the storm in Brisbane

As I am sure many of you have heard, Brisbane city and surrounding areas are experiencing flooding and heavy rain. Different areas are impacted more than others. We are in the down town area of Brisbane and thankfully on a hill, about 4 blocks from the river. This is a map of the area: Brisbane City Map, we are on ann street and wharf. We have heard that we may may lose power tomorrow for a while as a safety precaution. We are fine, and our thoughts are with all those experiencing loss during this tragedy. We are waiting out the storm and at this point, and plan to remain until our flight to Sydney on January 20, 2011.

Near us the river is very high with trees and debris floating down the river. There was even a jetty that tore away from it's anchor and floated past us. We managed to get lots of food and water and have filled the laundry room sink with water just in case. Most businesses in the area are closed with a few grocery stores, convenience stores and restaurants remaining open. The streets are eerily quiet with a few cars and people walking around. The grocery stores we visited have run out of, or low on, some items such as fruits, vegetables, bread, milk, eggs, and perishable items.

We were able to help one small business unload some sand bags to protect their cafe in case the water rose higher. We wish there was a way to volunteer to help on a regular basis.

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shelley said...

Hey Capri and Jason,
So sad about the flooding.
Stay safe my dear friends.
Love the blog and the pictures....especially all the
photos of the animals.
I got my first issue of VegNews. Love it so much. It's such a great magazine.
I successfully made chocolate vegan cake with peanut butter icing tonight. The only thing I would change is the type of flour I used. I was trying to be all healthy and chose the whole wheat flour instead of the white flour. It did change the taste a bit but it still tasted good. I'm going to bring it to work tomorrow for my coworkers. They are pretty honest so I'm sure they will tell me if it sucks or not.
I watched The kings speech last night. It was such a good film. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up. :)
Thinking of you